Spoken Word Artist, Writer, Motivational Speaker

Performer Felicia Hankins has a poetic persona so smooth and a lyrical flow so transcendent and transformative, she will make you believe in miracles.

Known in the industry as “Miracle”, the poet has emerged as a master at spoken word; poetry’s best kept secret. The Houston native, born to Tommie and Melanie Williams attributes much of her artistic repertoire and penchant for passionate expression to her relationship with her parents. They personified a mix of love, loss, regret and pain which guides her writing and gives life to her words. A staunch proponent of education and the empowerment of mind and spirit, Hankins is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Media and Technology. 

Hankins frames much of her verses around the complex dynamics of relationships. She skillfully incorporates themes like betrayal, abuse, manipulation, transparency, strength and the importance of time into her poetry. Her honest revelations through vivid, powerful spoken word performances gives audiences a glimpse into her soul. The raw revelations help her connect with, relate to and enthrall all who attend her shows. 

Hankins has shared her gift at some of the country’s most notable venues, including the famed Improv (Houston), The Ensemble Theater, and Renee’s on the Bayou. She is currently working on her first book entitled “Self-Love Is Underappreciated”. The multi-talented artist is working toward adding “Keynote Speaker” to her expanding repertoire, as she strives to inspire women and artists to pursue their dreams no matter what challenges they may encounter. 

The mother of two spends much of her time with her children who she calls her greatest motivation and writing poetry. Her mantra is, “Unbecome everything that’s not helping you become your best self.” Words to live by. Ultimately, Hankins’ talent and experience and her growing demand prove that while there are many poets, there is only one Miracle.